Greek slang word for the cigarette; derived from καρκίνος (cancer) and σωλήνας (tube). Used mainly during the eighties to imply that cigarette smoking causes cancer. Still in use today, but by elderly people (see μπαμπαδισμός). Some may also use it for tobacco pipe (not the other). Be reminded that Greece is probably the only country in the world that has a cigarette brand called Santé (French for health)!

• This definition is dedicated to all foreign friends of Greece who while trying hard to learn Greek find it more and more difficult to rely only on outdated textbooks and dictionaries. is here to help you all with your linguistic needs! It may seem to you that most spoken Greek today is slang… well, you may be right!

- Hi Janet! How from here morning morning;
- Yo Haralambos! How's hanging today;
- E; Νο, Haralambos me, not my son! Ρε πούστη μου τι μου λέει τώρα;
- Hey, do you have a light;
- Ναι, πως... Welcome. But don't smoke this karkinosolinas, is bad for your health.
- Don't smoke a carcinowhat;
- Tσίγαρετ, is bad for you health, bring cancer... it is how we say it in Greece...
- But ρε Babis, I smoke Santé! Ahahahahahahah (foreign σλανγκομούνα)
- Good wines! I have become a robe... Let's go for a party with Ouza;
- A what;!

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Έχεις καλύτερο ορισμό; Πρόσθεσέ τον!

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